Jeff Bezos sold Amazon shares for $1.8 billion: space war ahead

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos sold almost 1 million Amazon shares worth $1.8 billion over the last three days of July in three separate transactions. Bezos' stake in Amazon fell to $110 billion through sales. According to the SEC, Bezos sold 960,000 Amazon shares at $1,900 per share in three tranches from 29 to 31 July. After the sale, Bezos still owns 58.1 million shares of Amazon and remains the largest private shareholder of the Internet retailer.

The sale was not a surprise. In 2017, Bezos said he could sell $1 billion worth of shares annually to finance Blue Origin, which aims to explore and colonize space. Even with the last sale of assets, the net asset value of Jeff Bezos still exceeds $117 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

In April, Elon Mask mocked Bezos because of the imitation of the news that the founder of Amazon plans to launch into space 3200 satellites. Another Bezos project is called Project Kuiper, and its goal is to provide high-speed Internet services to millions of people in disadvantaged communities.

The mask immediately reminded Bezos that it has already launched satellites with the same goals in 2018. SpaceX launched Starlink, which involves about 12,000 satellites. The space war between the Mask and Bezos is gaining momentum. The mask was founded by SpaceX in 2002. The goal was space tourism and the colonization of Mars.

In 2015, when Bezos boasted of a successful rocket launch, the Mask clapped on Twitter. The mask was happy to say that his company had done the same thing, but three years earlier. Meanwhile, according to several Wall Street analysts, Amazon's long-term prospects now look incredibly optimistic. Michael Levine, a senior analyst at New York-based Pivotal Research Group, predicts that Amazon shares will rise by 50% to $2,800 per share next year. According to Levin's forecasts, the value of Amazon may soar to $1.35 trillion by 2020.
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