The United States prepared new sanctions package against Russia.

The US is close to imposing new sanctions package against Russia. US Secretary of Treasury and State Department agreed on the second round of measures for a poisoning attempt of ex-Colonel Sergei Skripal in Solsberry, according to Bloomberg agency linking to two knowledgeable sources in President Administration. New sanctions documents were directed to the White House, expecting President Donald Trump’s signature.

The sanctionary packages had been getting ready starting from autumn last year in accordance with Act on the control and destruction of chemical and biological weapons. The main trigger came from State Department which had officially blamed the Russian government in August of usage of chemical weapon in the UK territory. In particular, a neuroparalytic poison "Novice" was mentioned for the attempted murder of their citizens.

The first sanctions round included additional measures and restrictions on supplies for technology, and it was accompanied by "probation term". The Russian Federation had three months to provide international experts with access to its chemical weapon objects, as well as deliver convinceable evidence that it would not be used in the future.

Russia refused, and the White House had a justification to start the second round of sanctionary pressure, according to the law. However, the implementation was postponed. The second round might include lowering the level of diplomatic relationship, limiting the flight connection and embargo for export and import. Sanctions against the banking sector were considered too, according to Manisha Singh, Under Secretary of State, speaking in the Senate. Singh, who obtains the position of Head of the Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs at the State Department, noted that new measures will be “Very tough” and are aimed at “punishing the Russian government”. Mike Pompeo, US Secretary of State, warned his Russian colleague, Foreign Affairs Minister Sergei Lavrov, about the sanctions. According to the Secretary of State’s press service, Pompeo "confirmed US intentions to bring Russia to responsibility for the use of chemical weapons".
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