Google bets on Artificial Intelligence.

So-called machinery or artificial intelligence would change everything that Google does in less than a year from now, CEO Sundar Pichai stated. Machinery intelligence systems became the central topic for Google developers conference.

The tech giant presented a version of its intellectual Assistant as an iPhone app. Moreover, the company announced a new computing service which allows corporate customers using the same intellectual functions in their products as Google products.

“We realize that we cannot solve all problems related to machinery learning by ourselves, - Jeff Dean, one of the leading Google Artificial Intelligence researchers stated. - Therefore we provide other companies possibility to apply speech and images recognition technologies developed by us. These technologies will help in solving the most complicated computing tasks, for instance, in fraud revealing or giant medical databases analysis”.

The new Google service also means a deeper dive into the microprocessor business for the company. The company’s management stated that Google equips its servers of computing clouds with own chips - Tensor Processing Units.

“This policy might have far-reaching consequences, - Gartner analyst Chirag Dekate thinks. - The computing power of corporate data analysis systems will be increased significantly. Other companies would struggle to compete with Google in productivity”.

“They achieved impressive progress in a short period”, - Jeff Blaber from CCS Insight noted.

One of the main results of the new Google strategy is the Assistant app which can be built-in as an intellectual sub-system in other products, for example, in a system of gathering information about objects pictured by smartphone digital camera. Dean underlines that the number of devices and services from independent developers using Assitant grows substantially.

The speech recognition technology is among Google’s achievements in the machinery intelligence sphere. According to Pichai, the error ratio of Google’s voice-recognition systems was decreased to 4.9% from 8.5% in June. The Assitant function appeared in Pixel smartphone and Home headphones for the first time at the end of last year, and it’s still on initial development stage. According to Google, 100 million devices use Assistant app nowadays, although some owners of those devices could have been in the dark about that fact. Actually, many use Assitant for the most simple tasks such as voice weather request. Google is trying to find ways for more a full-scale application of that product.

“We cannot say that intellectual assistants have changed our lives so far”, - Creative Strategies analyst Carolina Milanesi admits.

One of the main Google’s competitors in the artificial intelligence field - Amazon corporation - released Alex smart system and now tries to consolidate the success.

Google became a direct competitor for Apple after offering Assitant version for the iOS operating system. Although, Google’s product is not native for iPhone unlike the similar Apple’s Siri development, which means that it could concede the functionality to Siri.

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